miércoles, 15 de abril de 2015

Campamento en inglés curso 2014-15

Hello I´m Nico and I´m going to talk about La Toma Del Agua.
Last year, we went to a camping site called La Toma Del Agua.
In the camping there were seven monitors called Joe, Eric, Franky, Sam, David, Cryssi and Caoimhe, and they played with us. We studied for one hour a day and we spoke in English all the time, except during breaks.
In La Toma Del Agua, we ate at 3:00 and we had dinner at 9:00, and we had a shower once a day. We stayed in wooden cabins. We were 8 in total for each cabin.
We played a lot of games at La Toma Del Agua and it was very funny because between each activity we had to dance the song Shake It Up.
The last day at the camping we went at the source of the river Mundo, but it was difficult because of the rain and the wind, but the source of the river Mundo was INCREDIBLE.

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